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Kart World Championship

Van 23 tot en met 28 juli 2012 wordt in Essen (Du) het wereldkampioenschap indoor karting gehouden, er is dit jaar na 2 jaar afwezigheid ook weer een juniorenklasse (11-15 jaar). De inschrijvingen gaan maandag open:


The Kart World Championship is a brand new series which will begin in 2012. The purpose of the championship is to nominate the best four-stroke Kart Driver in the World.
Affordable qualifying series throughout the planet, and affordable participation in the World Championship event itself, will give a chance to many financially unsupported and excellent drivers of four-stroke karts to prove themselves against very experienced past World Champions of the category. It will ensure the highest level of driving.

The series has been founded by a highly experienced group of drivers including past World Champions, with the sole aim of creating a professional, transparent and most importantly fair series for the World's top drivers.  KWC could become one of your first steps towards a successful racing career- forming part of that success in its own right, or simply proof that you could have been successful in such a path.

The format takes place over 5 days including 7 qualifying races. Semi-finals then take place for the best 60 drivers after the qualifying races, and there is one Grand final for the best 30 drivers. This is preceded by a stunning grid formation immediately after the semi-finals, which would entertain any karting fan in the World. The fact that you have to drive 7 different karts from 35 available during qualifying races, without the chance of repeating karts, undermines the luck factor. Our race directors are not native to the host country and have been involved with this kind of championship for more than 5 years. They have proven during this time span their neutrality and knowledge of the rules. A commission formed by drivers from 8 different countries, and three different continents can ensures that new suggestions are always discussed. In this way, the KWC eliminates any difference caused by higher budgets. As Ayrton Senna would have said, this is 'pure racing', no politics, and no money involved in the results. 

The KWC is the highest level of four-stroke 'arrive and drive' kart competitions, and has national qualifying series all over the world. Championships from Brazil, USA, Germany, UK, Italy, Hungary, and others will send their top drivers to compete - ensuring that KWC will always contain the World's top competitors. If you are an experienced race organizer in your country, please send us a portfolio of your Karting Activities for a chance to join us.

Welcome to the Kart World Championship.


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Re: Kart World Championship


ik zou daar ook aan mee willen doen maar hoe werkt t precies ik hoorde dat jij er veel ervaring mee hebt?
kan jij mij anders even terug mailen??

mn mail adres tommyvschijndel@hotmail.com
en de kosten etc..??

gr. tommy van schijndel


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