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Dear participants,

In the weekend of February 19-20, 2022, we will head to the great Dutch kart track Kartcircuit De Landsard Eindhoven with the second combined season race of the IAME SERIES NETHERLANDS-NK IAME, and GK4 Formula Honda 9PK and BEKC Endurance Karting 4Teams.
We look forward to meet you all in Eindhoven and to see the Warriors in action.

The second race counting towards obtaining the Tickets NL for the IAME WORLD SERIES - IWS 2022 is on fire. We have announced the details about the tickets to be won by email. These also can be found on our Facebook page.

You can make your reservation on our websites via the link:
IAME : www.nkiame.nl/inschrijven.
GK4 Formula Honda 9HP: www.gk4kartseries.com/inschrijven

The reservation will be closed on Wednesday evening February 16. at 8 p.m.

Cpoint Protocol Covid-19 Karting Days
We will work strictly according to this protocol (applicable version 2021) and in accordance with applicable government regulations.
Please note: rules can be changed according to government measures or instructions from Kartcircuit De Landsard.
The protocol has been posted as a download on our internet sites www.nkiame.nl and www.gk4kartseries.com.
We request that you take note of the content, so that you will not face any surprises, because each person present is individually responsible for compliance.

As a result of these rules, you should keep the following in mind: •Permitted persons in restricted areas such as parc-ferme: drivers, registered team owners and per driver 1 mechanic and max. 1 supervisor.
•Spectators will be allowed.
•QR code will be required from the age of 18. You must report to the secretariat, where your QR code will be checked.
•Wristbands: every admitted person will receive a wristband during the administrative check.
•Mandatory face masks: wearing a face mask is mandatory in all official places, such as; Canteen-Secretariat-Starting position-Parc-Ferme-Technical control.
•You must keep at least 1.5 meters away from each other.
Documents, protocol behaviour, rental transponders •All documents - such as regulations, overview of costs, registration form, technical registration form, time schedules and tire regulations - have been placed for you per championship as downloads on our sites www.nkiame.nl and www.gk4kartseries.com.
•Please read this information carefully so that you are not faced with any surprises.
•For new drivers: on the applicable internetsite you can download the Registration Form 2022; Please fill it in and bring it with you to the administrative control, that will save us and you a lot of time.
•The Behavioral Protocol applies. Respect each other, the participants and the organization.
•Transponders can be rented through the organization.
To be requested via http://users.telenet.be/racetiming/contact.htm

FRIDAY February 18.   
- 18.00 – 20.00                  All classes IAME and GK4/BEKC

SATURDAY February 19.
- 08.00 – 09.00                  All classes IAME and GK4/BEKC
- 18.00 – 20.00                  IAME SERIES NETHERLANDS-NK IAME

SUNDAY February 20.
- 08.00 – 09.00                  IAME SERIES NETHERLANDS-NK IAME

Weekend layout •Wednesday 16 and Friday 18. February: free training voor all classes, organized by Kartcircuit De Landsard. Thursdays the track will be closed.
•Saturday February 19.: free training for all classes and raceday GK4 Formula Honda 9PK (sprint) and BEKC.
•Sunday February 20.: raceday IAME SERIES NETHERLANDS-NK IAME.
- Mini-Parilla
- Mini-Parilla National
- IAME X30 Junior & subclassification Rookie
- IAME X30 Senior & subclassification Rookie
- IAME X30 Senior Master, & subclassifications X30 Senior Cup, X30 Master and X30 Gentleman

Class BEKC
- Total Classement
- Subclassification X30 Senior
- Subclassification Rotax Max Senior
- Subclassification X30 / Rotax Max Junior

Class GK4 Formula Honda 9HP
-Total Classement
- Subclassification Junior
- Subclassification Senior
- Subclassification Ladies

Overnight stay •You may stay overnight in your vehicle on the paddock.
•It is of course not allowed to barbecue or to have a "party". Please adhere to the rules, we are guests at Kartcircuit De Landsard and must behave as such.
Paddock/Electricity/particularities •Electricity will not be supplied by Kartcircuit De Landsard.
•Tents can be set up from Saturday February 12.
•The track will be closed on Thursday.
•Upon arrival at the track, it is necessary to contact the paddock manager from Circuit De Landsard before setting up your tents; also Ben de Feyter (0032479803159). This in order not to disturb the proper functioning in the paddock.
•Tents must be at least 1.5 meters apart.
•Each kart must be placed on a tarpaulin, with a minimum size of 3x4 mtr.
•Spaces between the karts in the tents, at least 1.5 meters around.
•Cars and empty vans must be parked outside the site. Please keep in mind that there will be a check and that vehicles that are not allowed to be parked there must be removed.
•Before leaving the site, each team- / driver’s area must be perfectly clean (no trash, no tie-raps, no tyres left). Offenders will be fined € 500.00 for any form of pollution.
•Please take note of the rule from the Sporting Regulations regarding the required fire extinguisher. This will be checked!
Free training
For the opening hours of the track for free training, we also refer you to the website www.outdoorkarting.nl (daily track prices not included in the entry fee).


•For details please refer to the timedchedule.
Tyres, both slick and wet, will only be delivered to order via:
1. PDB Vlaardingen, pdbkart@pdbkart.nl for IAME SERIES NETHERLANDS.
2. DFK Antwerp, gk4tyres@outlook.be for Formula Honda 9HP and BEKC.

•It is not allowed to drive with other tyres.
•Please do not forget to order your tyres in time from your authorized dealer. The list of dealers is available for download on our websites.
•Both slicks and rain tyres must be provided for scanning.
•Only new tyres may be used in the IAME classes, slicks as well rain tyres.
Mandatory fuelstation for IAME SERIES NETHERLANDS-NK IAME
Gas station SHELL BEST
Eindhovenseweg Zuid 63
5683 PW Best
See also the flyer below, also posted as a download on our internetsite www.nkiame.nl.
Please keep your fuel receipt. You must show this organization upon request.

Warm-up engines
It is strictly forbidden to warm up engines. It is allowed to start the engine, but the engine must also be switched off immediately. Please note, this is made punishable in the Sporting Regulations.

There will be no briefing in person.
The briefing can be downloaded from the applicable internetsites in Dutch and English from Wednesday prior to the raceweekend. Please take note of this document.

Kombi Kartcircuit De Landsard
Landsardseweg 47
5657 AB Eindhoven (NL)
Internet http://www.outdoorkarting.nl   
Email info@outdoorkarting.nl 
Tel 0031(0)402052750


Team Karting NL
Ben de Feyter/Casper Reinders

C.point Racewear, Made to Win


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