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Good morning everyone,

After a great season, we are busy preparing for the season IAME SERIES NETHERLANDS-NK IAME 2020.

The official Dutch Championship IAME SERIES NETHERLANDS / NK IAME is held under the auspices of the Dutch ASN KNAF.
The championship consists of four events with trainings on Saturdays and qualifications and races on Sundays.

Opening of Registration
The registration will be opened from the publication date of this announcement.
The link to the registration page of our internet site: https://www.nkiame.nl/inschrijven/
Priority is given to drivers who use the pre-registration for the entire season. You can use this option until 8 January 2020.
From 9 Januari drivers are then placed per event inn order of received registrations.

Calendar and documents
The calendar and all relevant documents are placed as downloads on our website www.nkiame.nl. The link: https://www.nkiame.nl/inschrijven

o    Event 1 Mariembourg (B)     February 29 - March 1
o    Event 2 Eindhoven (NL)     April 18 - 19
o    Event 3 Venray (NL)         May 16 - 17
o    Event 4 Genk (B)         July 11 - 12

o    Mini-Parilla + Rookie (first-year participants in this class)
o    X30 Junior
o    X30 Senior + Rookie (first-year participants in this class)
o    X30 Senior Master (subject to change)
o    X30 Super Shifter

Information rates and costs
The Information on rates and costs is included for you in a well-arranged document, which is placed on our internet site as a download.

Rates 2020 - amounts per event and pre-registration season

Class Mini-Parilla & Mini Parilla Rookie
o 1 training day Saturday and 1 race day Sunday total amount € 195.00
o Pre-registration season complete 4 events total amount € 760.00

Classes X30 Junior & X30 Senior & X30 Senior Rookie & X30 Senior Master
o 1 training day Saturday and 1 race day Sunday total amount € 220.00
o Pre-registration season complete 4 events total amount € 840.00

Class X30 Super-Shifter
o 1 training day Saturday and 1 race day Sunday total amount € 195.00
o Pre-registration season complete 4 events total amount € 760.00

Payment in cash only in consultation; the registration amount is increased by € 25.00.

Administration costs:
The total amount of € 100.00 per driver per season.
With the possibility to pay € 50.00 at first event, to be supplemented with a second payment of
€ 50.00 at second event.

System for registration and payment
We make use of a registration and payment system.
You can register via the website www.nkiame.nl for the entire season or one or more separate events.
After the formalities you will receive a voucher via email for the event(s) for which you have registered. This voucher is also the confirmation of registration.
Please state in “opmerkingen” (remarks) if you want to receive an invoice, the required startnumber and your transponder number.
Payment in cash is possible on request.

The championship is open to drivers with a Dutch license (national or international), as well as all holders of an international license from another ASN under the auspices of the FIA and holders of a national license from another ASN, accompanied by the admission of that ASN. The minimum required Dutch license is the KNAF Club license via www.knaf.nl, and the Parent-Child license in case of minority of the driver.

The drivers who make use of the possibility to make reservation for the entire season are the first to receive the right to a starting number they have chosen.
The remaining starting numbers are then issued.
With multiple applications for the same starting number, the organization decides.

Raffle IAME engines
IAME engines and importer PDB Vlaardingen will again raffle off IAME engines as main prizes at the 2020 awards ceremony. The details will be announced at a later stage.



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