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Announcement GK4 Kart Series 2020 Event 1 Spa-Francorchamps July 4-5


GK4, het officieel KNAF Nederlands-Belgisch Club Kampioenschap Karting


Good evening all,

We all worked hard on the (re)start of the GK4 season.
It was difficult, took a long time, but we succeeded: next week, weekend 4-5 July we will organize the GK4 event 1 on the thrilling karttrack “Karting de Spa-Francorchamps” in Belgium.
We look forward to meet you all again.

All documents - such as regulations, overview costs, registration form, technical registration form, timetables and tire regulations - are placed for you as downloads on our internetsite www.gk4kartseries.com.

Cpoint Protocol Covid-19 Karting Days 2020
One of the requirements set by the Belgian and Dutch governments is a protocol, set up in accordance with the applicable regulations.
We had a clear protocol ready which was approved. We have to work according to this protocol, it is leading. The protocol is posted as a download on the GK4 internet site.
We request that you take note of the content, so that you are not faced with any surprises, because each person present is individually responsible for compliance.

Weekend layout and schedules
The local government has determined a maximum number of participants per day in Spa this first weekend. Therefor we distribute the classes as evenly as possible over the two days.
Day 1, Saturday July 4: Honda Cadet; Mini-Parilla; IAME X30 Junior; IAME X30 Junior National.
Day 2, Sunday July 5: IAME X30 Senior; Senior National (RM and X30); IAME X30 Junior; Open Link (KZ2 and Super Shifter); Formula Honda 9HP.
The timeschedules Saturday and Sunday can be downloaded from the GK4 website. We have provided additional training time.

A point from the protocol: every driver can be accompanied on his race day by three persons, separate from mechanics. No public may be present on those days outside of these announced persons.
Each driver is therefore requested to provide the names of these up to three persons by email to info@gek4kartseries.com for the benefit of our Participant and Visitor List which serves as a guide at the gate.

The local government does not allow overnight stays on or off site. Spa has provided us with a list of campsites in the area:

Camping de l’Eau Rouge SA – 3,5km
Camping du Moulin – 4km
La Grotte des Nain – 5km
Camping de Challes – 5km
Camping de la Cascade – 8,5km
Camping Parc des Sources – 8,5km
Camping Anderegg – 10,5km

Free training Thursday 2 and Friday July 3
The track provides for two additional training days on Thursday and Friday.
For the timeschedule of these free training sessions, we would like to refer you to the website of Spa-Francorchamps. The link: https://www.francorchamps-karting.be/

Please note this information in particular
1. You can set up your tents from Thursday July 2.
2. Tents should be at least 1.5 meters apart and two sides should be left open for ventilation.
3. Spa-Francorchamps will NOT supply electricity in the paddock. You must bring your facility yourself.
4. Cars and empty vans must be parked outside the paddock. Please keep in mind that there will be a check and vehicles that are not allowed in the paddock must be moved, even if the tent has been placed.
5. For new drivers: the Registration form 2020 is available on the site as a download; please take it filled in and signed to the administrative check. That saves you and us a lot of time.
6. The behavioral protocol applies. Respect each other, the participants and the organization.
7. Transponders can be rented through the organization.
8.  A document has been placed on the GK4 site about the prohibition on warm-up of the engines. Please read this carefully; see timeschedule for warm-up class Shifter.
9. Every go-kart has to be placed onto a tarpaulin. Any kind of pollution will be fined by € 500,00.
Before leaving the track, the spot from every team / driver has to be perfectly clean (no garbage, no tie-raps, no tyres)

Secretariat and Administrative control
On Friday afternoon – from 17.00 hrs - the administrative control will be opened.
Please do not forget to bring your license / parent-child license.
Please don't forget to bring your license / parent-child license.
Participation on ERB, one-day registration certificate is possible.

Two additional administrative controls on Saturday from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM and on Sunday from 8:00 AM to 10:30 AM for riders participating on Sunday and arriving later.

The classes
• Honda Cadet (UT1 and UT2), with subclassifications ROOKIE and UT1
• Mini-Parilla 60cc, with sub-classification ROOKIE
• IAME X30 Junior National
• IAME X30 Junior
• IAME X30 Senior with sub-classification X30 Senior ROOKIE
• Senior National with two separate classes Rotax Max and IAME X30
• Open Shifter, engines KZ2 and X30 Super Shifter
• Formula Honda 9PK Junior / Senior / Ladies, overall classification and sub-classification Junior, Senior and Ladies.

Tires are only delivered to order. Please do not forget to order your tires from your GK4 dealer in time. The list of dealers is available for download on our site. The central ordering point: gk4tyres@outlook.be.
Delivery on Friday from 12:00 to 17:00 and Saturday and Sunday from 08:00 to 09:00 with the DFK truck.

There will be no briefing.
The briefing can be downloaded from the GK4 site in Dutch and English. Please take note of this document.

Prize giving
There will be no prize giving.
The trophies (including the trophies for all Honda Cadet and Mini-Parilla participants) can be collected by the prize winners after the third and final races.

Reservation event
This event was scheduled for race 3 on the original first calendar.
The registrations already made for race 3 will be transferred to this new race 1 Spa-Francorchamps. Other participants can make a reservation for this first event via the link: www.gk4kartseries.com/inschrijven.

Route de l'eau rouge
4970 Stavelot
(E42, uitrit 11)
T: +32-87 27 58 54
Internet: http://www.francorchamps-karting.be/


Het GK4 Team
Ben de Feyter/Casper Reinders.

C.point Racewear, Made to Win


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