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Good evening everyone,

We are busy preparing the IAME SERIES NEDERLAND-NK IAME, season 2021.
We can offer you a challenging calendar, with four competition results in three competition events on two top karting tracks in the Netherlands and Belgium; Circuit de Landsard Eindhoven (1 event, 2 racedays) and Karting des Fagnes Mariembourg (B) (2 events).

Finishing season 2020
As is known, a number of events have been canceled for the 2020 season due to Covid-19.
The participants who have registered and paid for these events will receive a voucher per event for participation in an event of their choice for the 2021 calendar (without additional costs).

In general
The official Dutch Championship IAME SERIES NETHERLANDS will be organized under the auspices of the KNAF.
The championship consists of two events with practices on Saturday and qualifications and races on Sunday (Mariembourg) and one event with two racedays with practices, qualifications and races on Saturday and Sunday (Eindhoven).

Start registration
Registration will be opened early next week. The link to the registration page of our website: https://www.nkiame.nl/inschrijven/

Calendar and documents
The calendar and all relevant documents are placed as a download on our website =http://www.nkiame.nl]www.nkiame.nl. The link https://www.nkiame.nl/downloads

Event 1 Mariembourg (B) 27 - 28 February
Event 2 Eindhoven (NL) 15 - 16 May (two racedays)
Event 3 Mariembourg (B) 02 - 03 October

The X30 Junior Rookie sub-classification is new.
The class X30 Super Shifter will be expired.

- Mini-Parilla + Rookie (first year participants in this class)
- X30 Junior + Rookie (first year participants in this class)
- X30 Senior + Rookie (first year participants in this class)
- X30 Senior Master

Information rates and costs
Information about rates and costs you can find in a clear document that is placed on the internet site as a download.

Rates 2021 - reservation fee per event and pre-registration for the season

Class Mini-Parilla / Mini Parilla Rookie
Three raceweekends, four racedays.
Thanks to the sponsorship of importer PDB Vlaardingen, we can offer you a low registration fee.

o Two raceweekends in Mariembourg:
Per weekend 1 trainingday Saturday and 1 raceday Sunday, registration fee € 145.00.
o One raceweekend Eindhoven: two full racedays:
Registration fee € 145.00 per raceday Saturday and Sunday.
o Pre-registration season complete, 4 racedays total amount € 560.00.

Classes X30 Junior / X30 Junior Rookie - X30 Senior / X30 Senior Rookie - X30 Senior Master
Three raceweekends, four racedays.

o Two raceweekends in Mariembourg:
Per weekend 1 trainingday Saturday and 1 raceday Sunday, registration fee € 235.00.
o One raceweekend Eindhoven: two full racedays:
Weekend complete, raceday Saturday € 235.00, raceday Sunday € 80.00, total registration fee € 315.00.
When participating on one raceday, Saturday or Sunday, the registration fee is € 235.00.
o Pre-registration season complete 4 racedays total amount € 755.00.

Administration fee:
A one-off amount of € 100.00 per driver per season.
Participation in a single raceday administration fee € 50.00. The next race you complete the administration fee with a second payment of € 50.00.

We make use of a registration and payment system.
Via the website www.nkiame.nl you can register for the entire season or for one or more individual events, where you register and pay at the same time.
After these formalities you will receive a voucher by e-mail for the event(s) for which you have registered. This is also the confirmation of registration.
Please indicate in "Opmerkingen" (comments) whether you want an invoice, your desired start number and your transponder number.
Cash payment is possible on request.


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